Theory of the method


 The latest researches, carried in many laboratories and centers in USA, Germany, Russia, Japan has shown, that cellules, tissues and organs are such structures, that have strict bioelectrical characteristics. It was experimentally proved, that this characteristics can fast and deeply change during the reign of pathologic processes. Electromagnetic fields and electrons involve energy, information and charge.  Being a sort of "fuel" for all living processes, electromagnetic fields maintain normal physiologic state of cellules - physiologic equilibration.


 Vital processes are pictured in well-known electrocardiogram, electroencephalogram, electromyogram. But beginning, latent deep changes of human organism, changes of cellules can be fixed and deciphered only with the newest diagnostic method - energy-informational diagnostic - Sensitiv Imago tecnology. This is one of the latest medical diagnostic developments, that allows us fix and show the slightest changes of the human's organism structure in the form of cartograms and diagrams. Sensitiv Imago tecnology based on research of electromagnetic fields of living beings.


 Each pathological process, causative agent, each deviation of homeostasis has it's individual strict energetic spectrum. By a command of the program IMAGO device Sensitiv Imago reads in the values of faint electromagnetic field of a patient. According to the plan of the examination, depending on specific organ, program Sensitive IMAGO aligns the device on frequency of electromagnetic impulses of this organ. This impulses are taken from an examined person without any harm. Device sends data to the program Sensitiv IMAGO, and the program Sensitiv IMAGO process it and shows results.


 The database of device  contains etalons of all pathological processes. During the examination complex takes from the organism high number of electromagnetic scales, which display information about all processes taking place in the organism. Device compares scales with the etalons from the database, and in case of agreement comes the bio-resonance effect. Device fixes it and shows on a screen.

This process is very alike reading bar codes in the supermarket. "Bar code" is similar to an electromagnetic scale of any process in the organism.


 Such technology gives possibility to get full information about the health of a patient, in view of age-dependent, interlabial and other factors, and localize any early presentations of diseases, what is impossible when we use any of other present-day diagnostic methods, which can detect only already formed pathologic process. In acupuncture diagnostic (for example, Foley method) energetic potential of organs and systems of human organism is gagging through the bioactive markings, which show the information about organs indirectly and don't show the reason of such condition of organs.