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(BRT) - is a new approach towards treatment and preventive medicine.

Bioresonance devices scan for and correct abnormalities in various organs and body systems, working with electro- magnetic vibrations in the human body. Two main differences and advantages of this equipment from similar devices used in clinics in Europe and Russia based on the main functions of the device.

It allows to conduct comprehensive screenings of the whole body and not just find the disease, but its origin as well. Screenings show viruses, bacteria and worms that are or may become a source of the disease, identify most dangerous allergens for the patient. It gives doctor an opportunity to pick dosage and time of receipt of prescribed remedies for optimal treatment result.

Bioresonance therapy technologies are based on widely known medicine effects of the biomagnetic resonance phenomenon: various organs and body as a whole (as well also other organisms like viruses and bacteria) radiate weak electromagnetic waves in a unique frequency range. As these signals are electromagnetic in nature, they may be delivered along electric wires to special devices. If toxins, bacteria or viruses appear inside the body, they disturb the harmony and change the pathological frequency range. Using special equipment, we can read frequency range of our body, which allows to reveal presence of illnesses with accuracy up to 97% by a non-invasive method.

For this method to become available many doctors, physicians and programmers conducted large collaborative work. They created electronic analogue of resonance frequencies for a large number of illnesses taking into account patients' age. Viruses, bacteria, fungi and various parasites can be discovered within a few minutes.

Think of such situation: Given same symptomas across all members of a family and using same remedies, the father recovers quickly, mother's treatment takes quite a while and grandmother begins coughing and nedds another remedy. So what is going on? If all of the symptoms are the same, why does same remedy has different effects? The reason is that remedies are recommended to be taken in average doses for that age without accounting for individual differences. With the Sensitiv device we can see how patient's condition would change if he does a course of a certain remedy with a certain dosage. Moreover, this device takes into account not just the dosage of the remedy, but also time of the day when patient take it. We can vary dosage and frequency to achieve optimal results. This kind of remedy selection is not possible with other devices or other methods. you will need to wait at least a week in the hospital in order to identify the remedy that will help you with overcoming a certain illness and taking a remedy, hoping it would work. Practically all of medicines are consumed ‘blindingly’ in average doses. Now the situation may be changed!

Most of us may carry a chronic infection and take various chemical drugs with very little effect or none at all. Permanent presence of the infection within your body weaken your immune system, what results in low level of well being and chronic illnesses becomes acute.

Bio resonance equipment was created to taken into account patients' individual differences. There are no analogies to our device in traditional systems of diagnostics.


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