About the scanning


The high precision and the stability of the equipment are unmatched in the market. Try it and you will be amazed with its unique possibilities!

 The rhythm of modern life often does not allow us to pay the due time and attention to our health. Another big challenge is it is really difficult to force yourself to run around all specialists, especially when you think that you don't have serious health problems. As a result of such a careless approach, you risk to miss the important time that you could have used to identify the disturbances in progress before they become an emergency for your health.

 The purpose of the Sensitiv Imago bioresonance technology is to help you to finally take control of your health. The non-invasive biofeedback computer-based examination of the organism only takes up to a couple of hours and that allows you to get a comprehensive view of your health state and develop an individual prevention and holistic healing program. Sometimes, it makes sense to visit a private therapist or a specialized doctor but the possibilities of our computerized database are much wider. You can get a big picture of the whole organism, not just separated parts, and see the causes of and the interconnections between the existing health problems and risks of potential diseases.

 With our best EU-certified model 530CE, the precision of diagnostics can reach 96%. By having a correct and timely diagnosis, you can find a correct, individually-tailored treatment.

 The computer-based health diagnosis is built on the theory of bio-resonance and bio-feedback. Any microorganism has its individual vibration or resonance spectrum. Every cell, organ exists in a specific frequency range. By determining the frequency oscillation spectrum through the bio-feedback with the cells, we can identify healthy or unhealthy cells and processes in the organism of the patient.

 The bioresonance device of Sensitiv Imago has a comprehensive database of human organism's benchmarks that allow you to compare the results of patients diagnostics with these benchmarks and to determine the degree of deviation from the health norm.

 Today the computer-based diagnostics of the organism is particularly popular as more and more people want to have a deeper understanding about their health. By using the computer-based health diagnostics, you can:

a) learn about the functioning of any organ or system in your body;

b) identify the early stages of pathological processes;

c) understand what specialized doctor you have to visit and;

d) begin your treatment just in time. This method is safe, even for a children.

 There are different devices of computer diagnostics on the market right now. So why choose Sensitiv Imago medical diagnostic device as your best consultant?


  • Our bioresonance technology got a Golden Award for Technology Innovation 2009, Bulgaria, EU.


  • Only the Sensitiv Imago equipment works with the living biological object (human) - all other devices work with a virtual profile of a patient.


  • All Sensitive Imago EU machines are assembled from parts manufactured in Germany and Korea (for connection of details we use a formula based on gold).


  • All our machines use patented SBA-sensors. All other machines use the older-generation trigger sensors.


  • Sensitiv Imago offers the highest precision in the market.


  • Our Lifestream software is constantly updated and improved on a yearly basis. The features and capabilities are constantly expanding, the program's potential is unlimited.


  • Out bioresonance machines allow you to work legally - the devices are certified according to Annex II of the Directive 93/42/EEC, Full Quality Assurance System - medical device Class 2.


  • We not only sell you equipment, we train you to work with this equipment, we provide an opportunity of in-depth advanced training, and also carry out a business and marketing training for our local representatives.



  • The program safety protection is provided at the highest possible level.