Health scanning : 

Early diagnosis prevents future diseases

Health screening

Rapid analysis, painless, non-invasive, 92% accuracy


We offer innovative health screening.


Quick results of the full examination, list of viruses, bakterias, parasites, allergens, food intolerance, weak systems.


Why do you need this screening?


If you feel something is wrong but do not know what exactly


If you wish to know what the real cause of existing diseases


and what you can expect in future this scanning may help to find right answers


Early diagnosis today leads to prevention of serious illnesses tomorrow


Our scanning can alert you to diseases long before symptoms occur

health screening

*picture for demonstration purpose only, does not reflect real picture

health screening

*picture for demonstration purpose only, does not reflect real picture

Our scanning allows:


  • rapid diagnosis

  • identification of the cause-effect connections of pathological processes in the body

  • make a prediction of development of diseases for 1-5 years

  • determine the microbial activity (bacteria, viruses, fungi, parasites) and their localization

  • detect allergens and contaminants

  • determine the biochemical homeostasis

  • individually choose the most effective drugs and additives

  • create a diet list and much, much more


 Suffering from any of the following:

  • Weight and digestive problems, bloating

  • Heart conditions

  • Arthritis, joint pains

  • Back pain

  • Diabetes

  • Skin problem, rashes

  • Allergy

  • Psoriasis, eczema, acne

  • Rhinitis, sinus

  • Headaches, migraine, depression, anxiety, fatigue

  • Slipping problems etc


If so, early diagnostics - is the first step to improving your condition and improving your life




Sensitiv Imago is your best and safe choice in the market of bioresonance medical diagnostic devices.




 This scanning is not suitable for you if you have one of the following conditions:

pacemaker, spasmodic syndromes including epilepsy, psychiatric conditions, broken skin on the palm of your hands





We offer full scan of all organs and systemsdiagnostics on new generation screening device, non invasive, painless, absolutely save...



We offer last generation scanning equipment for business...



Contact us to schedule appointment...

health screening

The high precision and the stability of the equipment are unmatched in the market. Try it and you will be amazed with its unique possibilities!

 The rhythm of modern life often does not allow us to pay the due time and attention to our health. Another big challenge is it is really difficult to force yourself to run around all specialists, especially when you think that you don't have serious health problems. As a result of such a careless approach, you risk to miss the important time that you could have used to identify the disturbances in progress before they become an emergency for your health.

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